Understand the Different Types of Sports Bets

There are many sports bets that you can place, but before placing your bet, you need to know about every detail of the bet completely. Otherwise, you may fall into a difficult situation and you may suffer from a heavy loss. That is why we are here to sort things out for you. We have listed some of the most popular types of for bets on which you can invest: 

Sports bets

Single wagers:

Single wagers are the most straightforward types of bets that are placed on sports. A single wager is also called a straight wager where are you place a single bet on a particular selection. Some of the most popular types of straight wedges include Totals, Moneyline, Spreads, etc. This kind of bet is also quite easy to place.


Parlay is a combination of anything between 2 to 14 single wagers in a row. To win the game, you will have to make sure that every selection in your Parlay wins this bet. It has a very high risk but the revenue and payouts are also bigger. The game requires a lot of practice and strategies. You will also have to be aware of the various tips and tricks before you start investing in this bet.


Teasers is a type of parlay itself that comes with two or more selections but the person making the bet will be able to alter the spread depending on the type of Parlay. Making a winning bet is never easy but adjusting the spread in your favour can give you a really good chance at winning this game. The payouts of this kind of bet are much lower than that of the traditional Parlay.

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Proposition bets:

Proposition bets are not exactly similar to standard sports bets. It is a special kind of bet where the wager can be on anything. For example, you will be able to place your proposition bet on which player team is going to score first in the game, which player scores the first goal or the estimated time during which the first goal will be scored in a game of soccer. This bet is really interesting but requires you to have detailed statistics of the participating teams in the game.

Permutation bets:

Permutation bets are quite complicated as compared to other types of bets. Here, you will have to make multiple selections and place your wager through your combination of selections. This type of bet is not suited for beginners because of their difficulty level. Once you become aware of the basic betting methods, you can start investing in permutation bets.

Round Robin:

Round Robin is another very popular type of multi selections. In Round Robin, you will be covering multiple small parlays. For example, if you have 5 selections, you can place 5 parlays. This method is also a bit difficult to learn for beginners but once you have mastered the better the basics, you will have a lot of fun investing in these bets.

Future bets:

Future bets are just the same as outright bets. In this type of bets, you will have to select the winner of a particular tournament, league or competition. In this bet, the selection has to be made well in advance of the actual game. This is because of the fact that the term future is associated with the name of the bet. This kind of bets can be quite challenging especially when the bet has to be placed even before the season begins. That is why you need to collect complete information about each of the teams before placing your bid.

Handicap betting:

Another very popular type of betting is handicap betting. This is especially popular in Europe and various other places across the globe. The idea is that a sportsbook will determine which team is going to win the match. Once that has been done a total of points will be assigned to the team that they think will win the game. Then you will have to think about whether the sportsbook is under or overstated.

And these are some of the most popular types of sports bets. If you can think of any other type of bet, do let us know of them.