5 Easiest Football Bets to Win in 2021

What the easiest football bets to win in 2021? The key is to make an informed decision that eliminates the risk and increases the chances of winning. Every bettor wants to win bets whenever they place a bet. It is not possible to win every time. Even experienced bettor would claim that they keep winning all the time. It is always advisable to follow a different route to most other are doing. If you follow a well-thought-out method, you can certainly increase your chances of winning football bets. Here are the 5 easiest football bets to win in 2021:

1. Choose BTTTS bets

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One of the easiest football bets is the BTTS (Both Teams To Score) bets. When it comes to placing a bet on a match, you have the option to select yes or no to as far as both teams will score. It is always advisable to choose the ‘Yes’ to increase your chances of winning. It can be described as one of the easy football bets. Smart bettors select a game where you strongly think that both teams are going to score. There is no complication involved with these types of bets. You don’t have to worry about final result, goal order, and goal timing. You can win if two teams score goals. If both teams don’t score, you will lose the best. Many people follow this method of approach to minimize the risk factors. When two top teams are playing each other, they are most likely to score in the majority of the matches. So, you will win your bet more times that you lose. That is exactly why BTTTS bets are considered as one of the easiest football bets available today.

2. Rely on Double Chance Bets

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All leading bookies offer double chance bets. You can make use of them to improve your chances of winning. This type of bet has some similarities with a match result bet. However, there is a marked difference which makes Double Chance Bets an easier option. In this case, you are not making any prediction about the result of a match. That is to say, you are not choosing a loss, draw, or win. On the other hand, you are allowed to cover two possible outcomes of a game. Generally speaking, all football matches have 33.3% chance for away win, draw, and home win. When you utilize the double chance, you can increase your possibilities of winning bets to 66.6%. It is a fact that you cannot compartmentalize the possibilities of a football match. Many other factors make an impact on the outcome of a match. However, Double Chance Bets let you extend your cover on a match or an event and increase the chances of winning.

3. Over or Under Goals Bet is a smart choice

Football Bets to Win in 2021

One of the most popular betting choices available in football is the Over or Under Bet. You can find majority of the bookies offering these types of bets. When you place this type of bet, you are making a prediction on whether the goals scored in a particular match are more or less than a specified number. Offering tiered choices, Over/under market increases your chances of winning a bet. That is to say, they allow you to flex your bet to heighten the possibilities of winning. These types of bets always work in .5 increments. Many people are making use of them to lower the risk elements and make their betting journey successful. It can be said without a shadow of doubt that Over or Under Goal bets are one of the easiest football bets that you can come across today.

4. Select Draw No Bet

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Many people are of the opinion that Draw No Bet is one of the easiest football bets that makes your betting journey a lot safer. It stands in between a Double Chance Bet and a standard match result bet. Basically, your duty as a bettor is to predict the winner of a particular match. When you choose a Match Result Bet, you would end up losing the best if the final outcome is a draw. A Draw No Bet also does not declare you as a winner in this situation. However, you won’t be treated as a loser as well. All of your stake will be returned as cash.

5. Pick First Half Over/ Under Goals

This bet works the same way like Over-Under Goals Bet. As the name suggests, you are making a bet only for the first half. This type of bet allows you to shorten your odds compared to placing bets for the 90 minutes.